The Bahamas Shipowners Association

New Board members

When a BSA Board position becomes available the process for selecting new Board members will be as follows:

A Board member may nominate a candidate, OR

An individual may apply directly to become a Board member

The candidate must submit a letter of application and accompanying CV.  The letter of application shall clearly state the contribution(s) the candidate believes he/she can make to the Board, and at least one example of industry issues they believe need to be urgently addressed by the Board.  The application should include a statement of support from the Organisation that the candidate is representing.

The Board will then decide whether the candidate is suitable to become a  

Board member based on:

1.     Competencies per the CV

2.     Potential contribution per the application letter

3.     Industry sector (sectors not currently represented on the Board will be given priority, but in proportion to maintain a practical balance among industry sectors and individual background (i.e. technical, nautical, cruise hotel, etc.)

4.     Number of vessels flagged

5.     Participation commitment to BSA meetings and activities

6.     Region/Location

7.     Affiliations with ROs or international regulatory agencies

The Board will then inform, in writing, ALL candidates of the outcome and reasons for the decision.


The Board has the right of veto of any candidate not considered appropriate without giving reasons to the candidate.