The Bahamas Shipowners Association


The BSA wishes to bring to its members’ attention concerns with regards to retention of The Bahamas’ QUALSHIP 21 status beyond 2015.  

Owing to a recent reduction in the overall number of USCG PSC inspections conducted on board Bahamian ships in US ports, the rolling 3 year average detention ratio has increased.  There were 7 USCG detentions during each year 2013 and 2014, though the number of inspections dropped by more than 7% year-to-year. This brings the final rolling average detention ratio to just below the maximum permissible for retention of QUALSHIP 21 status (i.e. 1.0%).  

Based on the statistics over the last 3 year period and assuming the overall number of USCG inspections will remain at the same level in 2015, in order to retain Qualship 21 status there can be no more than 4 (four) USCG detentions of Bahamian ships by 31 December 2015.  This estimate however may still be revised should the actual overall number of USCG inspections by the end of the year be lower than in 2014.

 As of end April 2015 there have already been 2 detentions in US ports in 2015.

It goes without saying that the benefits of reduced scope and frequency of USCG inspections for ships already qualified under the system, and those that may qualify in the future, are beneficial to Bahamian shipowners.  The BSA wishes to request the cooperation of all owners in ensuring that their ships are fully prepared for PSC inspections in the USA in an effort to retain The Bahamas’ Qualship21 status.